Just read a good, long narrative on Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Pope Francis, possibly the most written about head of Catholics in living memory.

It struck me for exploring how Francis defies ideological categorizations. Because ideologies hide and defame reality. We don’t serve ideas, we serve people, he aruged.

In my networking life these days I come across people talking up nationalistic fervour. “We are interested in what is good for India, nothing else,” said one gentleman who runs a real estate brokerage recently.

Without doubting their good intentions to fix a nation on the peripheries of global glory, let’s say that a billion people are in search of better living. Nothing more.

Will the rethoric of nationalism take us there? Ideological constructs of political, ethnic, economic and religious making have heaped human tragedies over the centuries. Nations appeared naked after frenzied high tides.

Nationalism and the proxy of economic progress worked well — for some. It never was large hearted and excluded swathes of people who didn’t toe the narrative. Nationalistic stirrings invariably trampled on human decency.

The refugee boats to Europe — and men, women and children lost in high seas — reminded us how ideologies discarded so many lives. How our journeys were shipwrecked.


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