Good morning

Unwinding to sleep well past midnight, I am bedding my thoughts on print media’s growing irrelevance in global news breaks.

My colleagues would have just wrapped a special coverage on Sundar Pichai, the India born, new CEO of Google, which was subsumed by a new parent in a surprising corporate rejig almost 24 hours ago.

I have already read the best news analysis and listicles some 12 hours ago. The special coverage across Indian print media, reaching your doorstep possibly in another 6 hours, is trailing the event by nearly 30 hours. A news consumer interested in Pichai is awaiting you eagerly, is it?

Unlikely. We’re dealing with fast moving news consumers in a young, mobile first country. We know but we don’t get it.

Imagine. Some of the best human productivity in the field wasted in showing up with dated content. That too mostly inspired by masterly work originating from the epicentre. The disappointment is bigger than the frustrating ‘developing world outlook’ of taking credit for every diaspora success.

I feel good for Pichai. But can I put my time lines to better use, especially when most of the world has moved on?

I am still hoping for that one uplifting story, one fresh perspective that I have missed one full day and night. Bring it on.

Good morning!


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