Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast Isn’t Just a Saying

How does one define startup culture? Is it value systems of the founder? Is it a vision founders set out to achieve?

These questions need vigorous probing as Indian startup gold rush has crossed a threshold. Billions of risk capital and a big enough job market.

The startup failures, and they are due, will come from a certain lack of culture. Smart founders caught up with themselves. Egos flared up by the lush of money. Remember, we’re a country where the larger collective good is a virtue practised rarely.

People stories in startup ecosystem — exuberances and failings — will come thick and fast.

Best Engaging Communities

Often when I meet wannabe entrepreneurs at events, I ask the question, why they are willing to give up their relatively easy job, with good pay to take up the roller coaster world of starting their own company. About 20% or so of the folks I meet at these events work at another startup (typically < 3 years old, about 20-50 people). I think of most of these companies as startups as well, so I am curious as to why, after seeing all that happens in an early stage startup, they want to start their own company.

Sometimes it is because they want to be their own boss, or they see the success of the founders, who they claim have little intelligence, but still managed to start their own company and be moderately successful. At other times, I hear the burning itch to start and solve a problem or other…

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