Left, Right, Left…

My constant crib many years back was about the youth of my generation being apolitical. There was something about the 90s which made many of us perplexed and unsure (of our underpinnings).

I didn’t dare to flaunt political opinions for it was not construed to be correct. Or maybe life was just too volatile with people like me caught up in the cross currents of changing economics and eking out a life. But it was still strange for me that we didn’t have a political voice in a nation getting only younger.

A decade or more later, I have a genuine smile when my younger colleagues wage twitter wars over NaMo, most being on the side of the Gujarat chief minister and the PM-in-waiting. Nothing bad about taking a view on politics that makes our lives better or worse.

Just like how my previous generation mouthed pro Left beliefs randomly. Never mind even if those were oddities in a world after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Last decade’s relatively faster economic growth has spawned a bigger and more ambitious middle class. A large consumer group with munching appetite for almost everything — including news and views (of their own!). I am a believer that the natural impulse of any prospering middle class — especially those with a long, fractious history– is to join the political Right.

That’s exactly where we are. At crossroads, without realizing it much. Nothing wrong, if one wouldn’t crib about the bus we boarded. All journeys teach us something, hopefully for the better.

Let’s march on: Left, Right, Left…



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